Preliminary Investigation of the Contamination of Semiconductor Process Pump Oil by Halogenated Organic Compounds
Steven P. Levine - University of Michigan, School of Public Health , Christopher Robert Strang - AT&T Technologies (SSA Journal - January 1987 pp. 36 - 37 )

Pumps used to create sub-ambient conditions in semiconductor chip manufacturing processes are positioned in such a way that unreacted and byproduct gases are passed through the pump oil. In a preliminary test, oils from pumps used in typical manufacturing process steps were analyzed for volatile organic contaminants by a gaschromatographic - mass spectrometric method. Compounds detected in the 1 - 15 ppm (w/v) concentration range included hexachloroethane, polycholorobenzenses, hexachlorobutadiene, octachlorocyclopentene, and a variety of fluoro-chloro organics. These results indicate that, during pump oil changing and maintenance, the use of personal protective equipment and maintenance practices should be instituted to prevent exposure of personnel to these contaminants.