Exposure Characterization of Preventative Maintenance Activities on Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
Bernard G. Frist, Jr., EORM (SSA Journal Volume 10 Number 1 - Spring 1996 pp. 27 - 41 )

Preventative Maintenance (PM) activities on semiconductor manufacturing tools can pose significant risks of employee exposure to airborne or surface contaminants, and physical hazards. Many companies characterize exposure potential during wafer processing (fabrication) operations, but do not have sufficient resources to fully characterize the exposure potential during the preventative maintenance activities. Sampling data is presented herein for preventative maintenance activities on Dry Etch, Thin Films, and Ion Implant process equipment. Data presented has been acquired through participation in exposure characterization of PM activities at sub-micron semiconductor manufacturing facilities, industrial hygiene exposure assessments from preliminary and final SEMI S2 evaluation reports, and personal communications with other professionals within the semiconductor industry.