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2005 Annual Symposium
May 9-12, 2005
DoubleTree Paradise Valley
5401 N Scottsdale Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85250

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Daily Grids:

Schedule Grid

May 9 (Monday) - Professional Development Courses (PDC) and Student Papers

ALL DAY PDC's - Full Day Courses (8AM - 5PM, Lunch from Noon - 1PM)

Student Scholarship Winning Papers

8:00 to 8:40 amEHS Performance Management: A Study of Corporate Data Tracking Practices and Organizational LearningCharles White, Berkeley
8:40 to 9:20 amConsequences and Impacts of the Multi-Employer Work Site Standards in the Semiconductor IndustryBrain Spielman, UW-Stout
9:20 to 10:00 amEvaluating the Options: Recycling Hydrofluoric AcidJennifer Kavanagh, UM-Duluth
10:00 to 10:20 amBreak
10:20 am to 11:00 amP2 in the Semiconductor Industry: From the Golden State to the EUBarbara Orchard, Cal Poly
11:00 am to 11:40 amThe Security Considerations for Domestic Terrorism Within the Semiconductor IndustryJonathan Market, UW-Stout
11:40 am to 12:20 pmEffects of ACGIH Proposed Reduction in the TLV of Arsine on the Semiconductor Manufacturing ProcessPhillip Sayles, UM-Duluth
12:20 pm to 1:30 pmBreak
1:30 pm to 2:10 pmChallenges and Environmental Issues in the Development and Use of Lead-Free SoldersAmanda Schmidt, Cal Poly
2:10 pm to 2:50 pmAn Assessment of the Potential Impacts of the Proposed European Union Registration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH) Regulation on the Semiconductor IndustryDouglas Moilanen, UW-Stout
2:50 pm to 3:10 pmBreak
3:10 pm to 3:50 pm Safe Decontamination of Shock Sensitive Materials Used in the Semiconductor IndustryCrystal Gilbertson, UM-Duluth
3:50 pm to 4:30 pmAnalyzing Health Promotion Programming Utilization and the Benefits as a Profit Center for the Semiconductor IndustryBrian Borke, UW-Stout
PDC 3 EHS Design and Installation Considerations for Specialty Gas, Chemical Distribution, and POU Delivery Systems
Varun Gopalakrishna, Aaron Zude, Susan Creighton; EORM, Sunnyvale, CA; Facilities and Safety Solutions, Fremont, CA; Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA
PDC 4 Global Environmental Health and Safety Management
Kathy Seabrook, CSP, RSP (UK); Global Solutions International Ltd., United Kingdom
AM PDC's - Morning Courses (8AM - Noon)
PDC 9 WEEE/RoHS and Other EU Legislation and Their Likely Effects on the Semiconductor Industry
Andrew Sweatman; ESHconnect
PM PDC's - Afternoon Courses (1 - 5PM)
PDC 6 Performance-Based Auditing: A Different Approach to Enhancing Your EMS
Jeanne Yturri; Zephyr, Austin, TX
PDC 8 Beyond CTDs...An Ergonomic Sprain/Strain Prevention Strategy
Michael O'Brien; Intel, Chandler, AZ


May 10 - General Session Grid

8:15 Coffee Danish and Networking
8.45-9:30 Welcome to SESHA
President's Message and Awards
9:30-10:15 Keynote 1
Semiconductor Industry Forecast and the Future of Nanotechnology
Keynote Video
10:15-10:30 Break
10:30-11:15 Keynote 2
Retooling Yourself for the Next EH&S Wave
Keynote Video
11:15-1:15 Exhibitor-Sponsored Lunch
1:15-2:00 Keynote 3
The Semiconductor Industry Association Worker Health Project: An Update
M.Fischman, MD, MPH, C.Fraust, PhD, PE, CIH
Keynote Video
2:00-2:45 Keynote 4
Exploring Opportunities to Further Eliminate Potential Equipment Related Exposures
A.McIntyre, CIH
Keynote Video
2:45-3:15 Break
3:15-4:00 Keynote 5
Semiconductor Industry PFC Emissions Estimating and Reduction: Status and Future Directions
W.Worth, L.Beu, PE
Keynote Video
4:00-4:45 Keynote 6
Fire Codes 2005 - A review of the Fire Codes and Standards applicable to the Semiconductor Industry today.
5:00-7:00 Welcome Reception in Exhibit Hall
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May 11 (Wed) - General Session Grid

7:30-8:00 Student Networking
  Session 1
Boot Camp: Back to Basics (Judi Barker)
Session 3
Leadership Forum (Pat Tierney)
8:00-8:45 An Overview of the Semiconductor Manufacturing Process
Thriving in an Era of Scarcity
8:45-9:30 Integration of an ESH Chapter into to the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors (ITRS)
9:30-10:30 Poster Sessions in the Exhibit Hall
  Session 1
Boot Camp: Back to Basics (Judi Barker)
Session 4
EHS Management (Pat Tierney)
10:30-11:15 Ergonomic Assessment of Cumulative Trauma Risk
Transitioning Your EMS from ISO 14001:1996 to ISO 14001:2004
L.Wilk, P.Esty
11:15-12:00 Industrial Hygiene Speak for the Non IH – Applying Strategies and Methods
Global Care is Smart Business!
12:00-1:30 Lunch
  Session 2
Emerging EHS Technologies & Issues (Tim Jones)
Session 5
Value-Added EHS (Rick Row)
1:30-2:15 The Brave New World of Nanotechnology
C.Moffitt, Ph.D.
Identifying and Communicating EHS Value
2:15-3:00 Methods & Resources Used to Help Close ESH Data Gaps and New Tools to Screen Novel Semiconductor Chemicals
D.Speranza, M.Kuntz
Using Business Metrics and Leading Indicators of EHS Performance – translating EHS into business benefit
3:00-3:30 Break
  Session 2
Emerging EHS Technologies & Issues (Tim Jones)
Session 6
Chemical & Product Stewardship (Renee Bade)
3:30-4:15 Reducing PFC Emissions Through Advances in CVD and Etch Processing
A.Johnson, R.Ridgeway, P.Maroulis
Around the World in 80 Days with a New Chemical Substance?
4:15-5:00 Developing a Climate Change Action Plan
Intel Corporation's Technology & Development EHS Chemical Approval Process
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May 12 - General Session Grid

7:30-8:00 Student Networking
  Session 7
Environmental (Mike Sherer)
Session 9
Industrial Hygiene (Doug Thornton)
8:00-8:45 Common Yet Complex RCRA Issues Facing SESHA Environmental Managers: A Discussion of Regulations, Policies and Pointers on Such Topics as Printed Circuit Board Recycling, Management of Contaminated Wipes
R.von Oppenfeld
Arsenic Regulated Areas – A Reality in the “Clean Semiconductor Industry”
8:45-9:30 Catalytic Decomposition of Ammonia from GaN Processes
J.Van Gompel
Health and Nanotechnologies, from Benefits to Hazards
9:30-10:00 Break
  Session 7
Environmental (Mike Sherer)
Session 10
Occupational Health (Molly Doddo)
10:00-10:45 Removing Fluoride from Industrial Wastewater Using Hybrid-Membrane Technology
J.Peterson, J.Madole
Managing Ergonomics as a Process
10:45-11:30 Chemical Vapor Deposition Process Emission Reduction Using Point-Of-Use Wet Scrubber Technology
C.Kempton, A.Jain
Personal Empowerment: An Unconventional Concept in Stress Management
11:30-1:00 Lunch
  Session 8
Regulatory/Code Developments (Brian Sherin)
Session 11
Safety (John Bucciarelli)
1:00-1:45 Assessing the Impact of Technology on the Regulatory Process
G.Gannod, H.Koehnemann, L.Litchfield
Intel's EHS New Facilities Equipment Procurement Process (FEPP)
1:45-2:30 Fire and Building Codes: One Code or Conflicting Codes?
Life Cycle Concerns for a Toxic Gas Monitoring System
2:30-2:45 Break
   Session 11
Safety (John Bucciarelli)
2:45-3:30 Roundtable: Effect of WEEE & RoHS on the Global Electronics Industry Supply Chain
Chair: Brian Sherin, ESHconnect, Inc.
Opening Remarks: Brian Sherin
Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturing: Brian Claes, Lam Research
Semiconductor Device Manufacturing: Allen Wilson, Intel
Consumer Electronics/Electronic OEMs: Andrew Sweatman, ESHconnect
Arc Flash Safety Practices in the Semiconductor Industry
3:30-4:15 Fire Risk Mitigation for Integral IPA Dryers - Using Engineering controls versus Gaseous Fire Suppression
R.McDaid, M.Wyman
4:15 PM Closing Session & Business Meeting



May 13 (Fri)

8:00-1:00Golf Tournament (Joe Richard

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