SESHA 2008 Symposium - Abstract

The Applied Materials Program to Reduce Product Environmental Impact

Hughes, Stan
(Applied Materials )

This presentation describes Applied Materialsí program for reducing the environmental impact of its products by means of policies, design processes, development of low-impact sub-systems, training programs, and supplier involvement. The programís targets are consistent with the companyís goal of reducing its own environmental footprint. The program includes the development of a quantitative model of the environmental impact of semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The characterization and reduction of product energy consumption is achieved through a program based on the SEMI S23-0705 guideline, which Applied Materials has extended to the companyís products used outside the semiconductor manufacturing arena. The integration of this program into a Product Life Cycle (PLC) process is discussed, including how market needs, engineering specifications, design, and planning for the future are addressed. The format for reporting characterization results, including the electrical data required by SEMATECH document #00043939A-ENG, is described.

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