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Daily Grids:

March 18 (Monday)

PDC 1: Electrical Safety (8:30 am - 5:00 pm)
PDC 2: Boot Camp -- CANCELLED
PDC 3: Ethics (John Teets) (6:00 - 7:30 pm)

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Schedule Grid

March 19 (Tuesday)

Opening Ceremony
Welcome History of the Queen Mary
Keynote Presentation: "Quo Vadis: Laboratory Safety after UCLA"
Dr. Neal Langerman, Advanced Chemical Safety
Quo Vadis: Laboratory Safety after UCLA
Neal Langerman
Lunch (Sponsored by SESHA)
13:00 Codes/Regulations
Updating your Hazard Communication Program and Getting the benefits of the GHS
rosanne quevedo
13:00 Lab Safety
Why Create a Laboratory Safety Culture When You Already Have One?
Lawrence Gibbs
13:45 Codes/Regulations
SEC Conflict Minerals Ruling: Ensuring Compliance and Meeting Customer Demands
Lisa* Wilk, Julie Muszalski
13:45 Lab Safety
Lab Safety 101--Compare and Contrast EHS
John Crozier, David Yost, Leon Igras
14:30 Codes/Regulations
Fire Protection and Life Safety Issues in Semiconductor and Related Facilities
Jonathan Eisenberg
14:30 Lab Safety
Black Ops--The Lab Safety Chronicles
Elizabeth Aton
15:45 Safety/IH
Lockout Tagout and Electrical Safe Work Practices for Ion Implanters
Steven Roberge
15:45 Management Systems
EORM (S. Mazzarella)
Leveraging Technology for Effective EHS Management Systems Planning and Establishing Objectives
Susan Mazzarella
16:30 Safety/IH
An Overview of the Dangers of Raised Floors Common in Cleanroom Manufacturing and IT Departments.
Laurie Francis
16:30 Management Systems
3 Key Factors That Contribute to Accidents: Safety Lessons Learned on an Aircraft Carrier
Eric Glass
Welcome Social

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March 20 (Wednesday)

Semiconductor Manufacturing
KEYNOTE - Semiconductor Manufacturing: A Forward Look at Emerging Technologies, Drivers and Challenges
Sanjay Rajguru
10:00 Emerging Technologies
Review of III-V on Si Processing Hazards
Steven Trammell, Brett Davis
10:00 Safety/IH
Leveraging Technology to Effectively Manage your Ergonomics Program
Anuja Patil
10:00 Emergency Response Forum
SESHA Emergency Response Forum
Jeanne Yturri, John Visty, Craig; Burns, Dave Allen
10:45 Emerging Technologies
Risk Management of Emerging Technologies: Nanotechnology/nanomaterials
Lawrence Gibbs
10:45 Safety/IH
Insights into Tracer Gas Test Applications for Exhausted Enclosures
John Visty
Lunch (Sponsored by Exhibitors)
13:00 Environmental
Development of Green NF3: Lowering the Cost and Environmental Impact of NF3 through the use of Additives
Glenn Mitchell
13:00 Safety/IH
Arc Flash Hazard Assessment in the Semiconductor Industry
Lindsay Polic, Larren Elliott
13:00 Sustainability
Determining, Organizing and Presenting GHG/Carbon (CO2e) Footprint Activities & Data
Charles Wurm
13:45 Environmental
GHG Emissions Monitoring Using EPA Method 320
Steve Hall, Bryan Benaway, Alex Bellon
13:45 Sustainability
A Process-based and Simplified Carbon Footprint Model for Customized Semiconductor Products
14:30 Environmental
Abatement Testing - High Performance and Continuous Improvement
Dan Davia, Brian Raley, Bruce Tripp, Joe van Gompel
14:30 Sustainability
How Relevant is the European Ecodesign Directive for the Semiconductor Industry?
Karsten Schischke, Marina Proske, Lutz Stobbe
15:45 Codes/Regulations
Codes and Regulations Overview / Update (R. Hanselka)
15:45 LED ESH
Fundamentals and EHS Challenges of Light Emitting Diode Manufacturing
Andrew McIntyre
15:45 Sustainability
BIM, LEED, IPD, LEAN The new Alphabet of the Capital Project
Allan Chasey
16:30 Sustainability
PV End of Life Management: Looming Crisis or Environmental Opportunity?
Jim Larson

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March 21 (Thursday)

Best Practices In Chemical Process Safety -Lessons Learned and Re-Learned the Last 50 Years
Jerry L. Jones
10:00 Management Systems
Incident and Exception Reporting and Performance Metrics
Coni Manders, Milan Dayalal
10:00 TGM Forum
Toxic Gas Monitoring Forum
Brett Davis, Molly McKenna
10:45 Management Systems
Educating for Advanced Technology Environments Around the World
Lisa* Hogle, Allan Chasey
13:00 Emerging Technologies
Strategies for Tetramethylammonium Hydroxide (TMAH) Recovery and Recycling
Dr. Craig Allen
13:00 Partner Presentations AWMA
13:45 Emerging Technologies
SMART Phone Technology | Driving Safety Excellence and Peace of Mind
Dale Goss
13:45 Partner Presentations AWMA
Sustainability Project Based Learning Model
Thomas Miller
Round Table
Closing Ceremony

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March 22 (Friday)

Greenhouse Gas Leadership Forum (ISMI)
Click Here for Further Info and Preliminary Agenda

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