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Daily Grids:

May 5 (Monday)

PDC 1 - GHG (8:00 am - 5:00 pm)
PDC 2 - Don't Flirt with Disaster (8:00 am-Noon)

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Schedule Grid

May 6 (Tuesday)

Opening Ceremony
Keynote Presentation: IC Insights
Mr. Trevor Yancey
Lunch (Sponsored by SESHA)
13:00 Technology Updates
Using Technology to Streamline Environmental, Health and Safety Systems
John Baycroft
13:00 GWG Worldwide Update
13:00 Next Generation EHS Challenges
InP and Phosphorous Allotropes: Safety Lessons from their Processing and Mishandling in Semiconductor Facilities
Carlos* Barrera, Abid Kemal
13:45 Technology Updates
Introduction Of ESH Smart Management System
DongHee Jang
13:45 GWG Worldwide Update
13:45 Next Generation EHS Challenges
Managing Process Byproduct Hazards within Centralized Exhaust Systems
Thomas M. Roberts
14:30 Technology Updates
Calculations, Conversions and Commitment to GHG reduction
Jolene Tam, Milan Dayalal
14:30 GWG Worldwide Update
14:30 Next Generation EHS Challenges
Risk Assessment and Mitigation of Energetic Events in the Semiconductor Industry
Shasha Zhang, Susan Sharfstein, Thomas Begley
15:45 Silane Safety
40 Years of Silane Testing, What Have We Learned?
Eugene Ngai
15:45 Risk Management
Being an EHS Manager is Risky Business
Rob Young
15:45 NANO Material EHS Concerns
Nanoparticle EHS research
David Speed
16:30 Silane Safety
Roof-top Silane Gas Pad
John Cox & Beth Tshudy
16:30 Risk Management
\\\"Why Incident Management Matters\\\"
Eric Glass
16:30 NANO Material EHS Concerns
Nanoparticle Occurrence And Controls in Water And Wastes
Paul Westerhoff et al.
Welcome Social (Sponsored by SESHA)

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May 7 (Wednesday)

Keynote Presentation
EHS Challenges for the Next Generation
10:00 Environmental
Semiconductor Facility Source Emissions Measurements - How the New EPA Regulations Might Change Your Upcoming Test Program
Craig Thiry, Judith Aasland
10:00 Safety/IH
Accidents/Incidents Forum
10:45 Environmental
EPA GHG Abatement Testing Protocol and How to Apply It
Joe Van Gompel
10:45 Safety/IH
Accidents/Incidents Forum
Lunch (Sponsored by Exhibitors)
13:00 Environmental
Environmental, Safety and Health Aspects of R&D and Manufacturing with Advanced Processing Materials - Best Known Methods and Standardization
Steven Trammell and Andrew McIntyre
13:00 Global Regulatory Update
13:45 Environmental
Seismic resistance enhancement of Semiconductor Fab based on lessons learned from Great East Japan Earthquake
Atsushi Kaido
13:45 Global Regulatory Update
14:30 Environmental
Study of the relationship between water recovery and energy usage rates in Taiwan’s High tech industries
Joey LU, Jia-Gang Ao, Chun-Yu Chen
14:30 Global Regulatory Update
15:45 Ergonomics/Fire Safety
Typing Performance and Body Discomfort among Overweight and Obese Office Workers: A Pilot Study of Keyboard Modification
Gary* Bishop, Matthew Smith, Jerome Congleton
15:45 Gas Monitoring
Toxic Gas Monitoring System integration strategies and real-time visualization
Steve* Bornoff
16:30 Ergonomics/Fire Safety
Fire Safety Challenges for Energetic Materials & Other Developing Technologies
Matt Wyman
16:30 Gas Monitoring
Toxic Gas Ordinance Data Book Updated and Expanded for 2014
Linda Kincaid, Timothy Rohm, Jeff Tarter
Evening Event (Sponsored by Suppliers)

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May 8 (Thursday)

Keynote Presentation: Changing Business From the Inside Out: Essential Skills for a Career in Corporations
Mr. Tim Mohin
10:00 Emerging ESH Risks
New Materials Introductions for Next Generation Semiconductor Manufacturing: ESH Challenges
Steven Trammell
10:00 Safety/IH
SESHA Toxic Gas Monitoring Forum
Brett Davis
10:45 Emerging ESH Risks
Experience Sharing About Early Response To Emerging Health Risks in TSMC
Ro-Ting Lin
10:45 Safety/IH
SESHA Toxic Gas Monitoring Forum
Brett Davis
13:00 Chemical Storage
The Spills that Kill
Mark McDaniel
13:00 Supply-Chain Responsibility
A Journey To Conflict-free
Gary Niekerk
13:45 Chemical Storage
Executive Order 13650, Improving Chemical Facility Safety and Security
Bernie Frist
13:45 Supply-Chain Responsibility
Assessing the Effectiveness of Used Electronics Management Programs
Carole Mars*, Jennifer Mangold, Margot Hutchins
Closing Ceremony

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May 9

PDC 4 - ESH for III-V Processing (9:00 am - 5:00 pm)
PDC 5 - SEMI S2 (9:00 am-Noon)
PDC 6 - Toxic Gas Monitoring (1:00 - 5:00 pm)

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