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Daily Grids:

May 1 (Sunday)

Golf Tournament at McCormick Ranch Golf Club, 1pm

May 2 (Monday)

PDC 1 - The Science Behind Exhaust Gas Management (Joseph Van Gompel) (8am-Noon)
PDC 2 - Semiconductor Fab Greenhouse Gas Reporting Requirements and POU Abatement Test Methodologies (Mike Sherer) (1-5pm)
WSC 1 - Energetics in Exhaust Systems (Full Day; World Semiconductor (WSC) Sponsored Workshop)

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Schedule Grid

May 3 (Tuesday)

Opening Ceremony Hillary Matthews
Keynote Presentation
What is Real Corporate Social Responsibility (and how do I do it?)
Braden Allenby
10:45 Nano
NanoStreeM: Nanomaterials and Strategies for Safety Assessment in Advanced Integrated Circuits Manufacturing
Alain Pardon, Dimiter Prodanov
10:45 PSM
PSM Process Boundaries in the Semiconductor Industry
Ashley Moll
Lunch (Sponsored by SESHA)
13:00 EICC
EICC Roundtable
Brett Davis
13:00 Business Continuity
How to leverage your Business Continuity Program to build a more resilient EHS program
Sarah Buehler
13:45 Business Continuity
Zika Presentation
14:15 ISO
Leveraging ISO 14001:2015 & ISO 45001:2016 to Enhance EHS Leadership
Lisa Wilk
14:15 Business Continuity
Business Continuity at Cypress
Brett Davis
15:30 Vendor Emerging Tech Updates
15:30 Principals for Safe Use of Chemicals
Risk Management Strategies for Semiconductor Chemicals without Occupational Exposure Limits
Michele Shepard
16:00 Vendor Emerging Tech Updates
16:15 Vendor Emerging Tech Updates
16:15 Principals for Safe Use of Chemicals
Application of HazOp principles to a Liquid Noble Dark Matter R&D Platform
Nimmi Kovvali, Bernie Frist
16:45 Vendor Emerging Tech Updates
Welcome Social (Sponsored by SESHA)

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May 4 (Wednesday)

Camelback Climb (Early AM)
Tennis (Early AM)

Keynote Presentation
Occurrence, Removal and Regulation of Nanomaterials at Publicly Owned Sewage Treatment Works
Paul Westerhoff
10:00 Water Treatment
Improved methods of microbial control in water based applications in the microelectronics industry
Donald Hobro, Kody* Phillis, Brian Jenkins
10:00 Regulatory Roundtable: Regulatory Challenges of the Semi Industry Roundtable
Sanjay Baliga and Mike Castorano
10:45 Water Treatment
Recent developments in wastewater treatment in the microelectronics industry
Kody Phillis, Brian Jenkins, Barry Carroll
Lunch (Sponsored by Exhibitors)
13:00 High Hazard Chemical Case Study
High Hazard Chemical Installation Case Study Session
Sue Creighton, Steve Trammell, Matt Wyman
13:00 GHG Sessions/ Roundtable
Washington State\\\'s New GHG Regulations: A Case Study for the Future of GHG Regulations for the High Tech Industry
Michelle* De Blasi, Emily Weissinger
13:45 GHG Sessions/ Roundtable
Reducing GHG Emissions from Heat Transfer Fluids
Tim Higgs
14:15 GHG Sessions/ Roundtable
Computer based monitoring of F-GHG emissions in Semiconductor Fabs
Andreas Neuber, Max Cayer, Joe Van Gompel
14:30 GHG Sessions/ Roundtable
Semiconductor Industry Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Reporting
David Speed, Brian Raley, Laurie Beu
15:30 High Hazard Chemical Case Study
High Hazard Chemical Installation Case Study Session
Sue Creighton, Steve Trammell, Matt Wyman
15:30 Conflict Minerals
Conflict minerals 2015 reporting and compliance expectations
Revati* Pradhan-Kasmalkar, Tord Dennis
16:15 Conflict Minerals
Behind the Scenes of Conflict Minerals: Lessons from Smelter Outreach Visits
Andreina Rojas, Bryan Fiereck
Evening Event (Sponsored by Suppliers)

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May 5 (Thursday)

5k Fun Run (Early AM)
Tennis (Early AM)

Keynote Presentation
Semiconductor Market Update - IC Insights
Brian Matas
10:00 Accidents / Incidents
Fleet Safety: You Have More Drivers Than You Think
Eric Glass
10:00 ENV
Environmental Modeling: Understanding Risk and Enabling Compliance
Joy Marsalla
10:45 Accidents / Incidents
Investigative Photography
Jonathan Jacobi, Jonathan Jacobi
10:45 ENV
Next Generation Batteries and EHS Challenges
Kiran Joshi, Kiran Joshi
13:00 Air Emissions
Minimize VOC emission levels by replacing VOC solvents for wipe-downs and PM related tasks with DI water only
Armand* Barrios
13:00 Accidents/Incidents/Emergency Response Forum
13:45 Air Emissions
Real-Time FTIR Monitoring of Parts Per Trillion Level Vapor Intrusions and/or Airborne Molecular Contaminations
Curtis Laush
Closing Ceremony - John Visty
CANCELLED: PDC 3 - Ethics (Dr. Janelle Rios) (4:45-6:45pm)

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May 6

PDC 4 - Successful Evaluation and Procurement of Commercial Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability Management Systems Technologies (Thomas Morahan) (8:00-Noon)
WSC 2 - ESH Nanomaterials (Full Day; World Semiconductor (WSC) Sponsored Workshop)

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