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Interactive Program

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Daily Grids:

April 16 (Monday)

PDC 1 - Accident Investigation - Evidence Gathering - Steven Trammell, Sue Creighton, Jonathon Jacobi (8am-5pm)

PDC 2 - Selected Topics in Product Safety - Mark Fessler, Matt Wyman, Chris Evanston, John Visty (8am-5pm)

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Schedule Grid

April 17 (Tuesday)

Opening Ceremony - Raymond Mcdaid (Outgoing SESHA President)
Keynote Presentation
The Business Value of Integrating Health and Safety
Dr. Ronald Loeppke
10:45 Nanotechnology
Nanotechnology: Global Chemical Regulatory Challenges and Compliance Strategies
10:45 Process Safety
Fireball 101 [Fire Safety Challenges for Semiconductor Equipment]
Matt Wyman
Fireball 101 [Fire Detection Challenges for Semiconductor Equipment]
Matt Wyman
Lunch (Sponsored by SESHA)
13:00 Safety & Industrial Hygiene
Electrical Safety Overview
Aaron* Zude, Ron Scholtz
13:00 TSCA Roundtable
Roundtable - Amended TSCA and the Unanticipated Impacts to the Semiconductor Industry
Laurie Beu, Brooke Tvermoes, Virginia Cook, Bob Leet, Michael Castorano, Greg Sower, Marisa Kreider
13:00 Gas Delivery, Detection, Abatement
Design and Safety Considerations for Gas Delivery Systems
Joe Guerin
13:45 Safety & Industrial Hygiene
13:45 Safety & Industrial Hygiene
What does Laser Accident Prep Mean?
Ken Barat
13:45 Gas Delivery, Detection, Abatement
Gas Detection Technologies
Capitola Lau, Rick Gorny, Mike Holmes
14:30 Safety & Industrial Hygiene
Don’t be a Dart Throwing Monkey – Current Approaches to Industrial Hygiene Exposure Assessment
James Kapin
14:30 Gas Delivery, Detection, Abatement
Area Gas Detection Placement Optimization using Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling
Daniel Hall, Steven Trammell
15:30 Codes
The Impact of NFPA 400 “Hazards Materials Code” and Your Facility
Robert James
15:30 Nano Roundtable
Nanomaterial Lifecycle Considerations for use in Advanced Electronics
Craig Rowlands
15:30 GHG
Mechanisms for the unintentional formation of CF4 during Semiconductor Manufacturing
16:00 GHG
Fluorinated Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Regulatory Update
Tim Higgs
16:15 Codes
How on Earth Do I Protect This?
Jake Epstein , Tomecek Dave, Jeremy Lebowitz
16:30 GHG
FCs Emission Factor and Next Steps Reduction emission for Taiwan’s Industry
Joey Lu, Daphne Cheng , Chun Yu Chen
Welcome Social (Sponsored by SESHA)

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April 18 (Wednesday)

Keynote Presentation
Heretics Guide to Hacking EH&S
Josh Franklin
10:00 TMAH
TMAH Toxicity and Controls Update
Ernest Timlin, Brooke Tvermoes, Thomas Diamond
10:00 GHGs
Semiconductor MACT Review and Update
Tim Higgs
10:00 Supply Chain
Establishing Robust Capabilities to go Beyond RBA (formerly EICC) Audits
Sayed Naimi
10:45 TMAH
TMAH and its Alternatives: Where Do We Go From Here?
Kevin McLaughlin, Hidde van Assendelft, Jerry Windisch
10:45 GHGs
Perspectives on Point of Use Abatement Measurements
Alex Bellon, Steve Hall, Bryan Benaway
10:45 Supply Chain
Intel\'s Continued Journey on Supply Chain Green Chemistry Implementation for Safer Chemical Choices
Fumie Weiby, Rebecca Jensen
13:00 Metal Organics
Metal Organic Liquids in R&D: sharing the learning curve
Alain Pardon
13:00 EHS Performance Metrics
Regulatory Adoption of Normalized Performance Metrics, and Response from the Semiconductor Industry
Kevin Wolfe, Brian Raley, Tim Yeakley
13:00 Risk Management/BMP
Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) -  It’s a Journey, Not a Destination
Jeff Frazier, Steven Hawkins
13:30 Risk Management/BMP
Alternative First Aid Procedure for Eye Contamination by HF
Georgia Latham
13:45 Metal Organics
Fireball 102 [Metal Organic (MO) Fire Suppression Challenges]
Daniel Mitchell
14:00 Risk Management/BMP
ASM’s Implementation of New Product Safety Engineering Program
Tara Smithers
14:30 Metal Organics
ESH Consideration for Using Pyrophoric or Water-reactive Materials in Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility
YuMin Wang
14:30 Risk Management/BMP
Flammable Exhaust Management - Methods for Analysis and Control
Leslie Swann
15:30 Drones
Next Generation Monitoring and Reporting: Drone & Automated Sampling Technology
Judith Aasland
15:30 Gas Delivery, Detection, Abatement
Applying FTIR multigas measurement technology to solving plant air quality issues.
Jim Cornish
15:30 Waste Treatment/Disposal
Catalase for Remediation of Hydrogen Peroxide in Semiconductor Wastewater
Peter Birschbach
16:00 Gas Delivery, Detection, Abatement
Advanced Waste Gas Abatement Concept for Epitaxy Processes
Angela Bayler
16:30 Drones
Drones and Industrial Applications: a Safer Alternative
Lauren Blazeck
16:30 Gas Delivery, Detection, Abatement
Metal-Organic Framework Materials: A New Generation of Nano-Adsorbents for advanced Electronic Materials Delivery and Abatement
Jose* Arno, Mitch Weston, Glenn Tom
16:30 Waste Treatment/Disposal
Polysilazane Waste Handling: Navigating Safety and Environmental Considerations
Deena Starkel, P.E., Bob Gross
Evening Event (Sponsored by Suppliers)

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April 19 (Thursday)

Keynote Presentation
UL/ SESHA Courses
Steve Roberge
10:00 EHS within the Organization
Setting the Tone for Safety and Health as the CEO
Joe Morgan
10:00 Resource Conservation
Semiconductor Industry Material Circulation in Taiwan – Challenge and Perspective
10:00 Crisis Management
Crisis Management Team/CFATS Training - Learnings From An Active Shooter Scenario Table Top Exercise
Aaron Zude, Thomas Grego
10:45 EHS within the Organization
Branding EH&S and Sustainability as Risk Mitigating and Value Driving Programs within your Organization
Cristina Mendoza, John Baycroft
10:45 Resource Conservation
Water Stewardship and Intel's New Water Goal
Fawn Bergen, Todd Brady*
10:45 Crisis Management
Hurricane Season 2017: Disaster Medical Response for an Unprecedented Season
Brian Sherin
Lunch (On Your Own)
13:00 Hazard Assessment
Materials outgassing as part of process hazard assessment
Alain Pardon
13:00 Corporate Social Responsibility Roundtable
Roundtable on Corporate Social Responsibility Issues- Evolution and Emerging Issues
Sandy Skees, Josh Kang, Justin Murrill
13:00 Product Safety
Process Safety
FM Global
13:45 Hazard Assessment
Introduction to STPA Hazard Evaluation Technique: A New Tool in the IH/OS Tool Box
Kelsey Forde, Timothy Stirrup
13:45 Product Safety
Thermal Runaway Incidents – Safety Procedures for Burns and Potential Smoke Inhalation
James Keenan
Closing Ceremony - Sue Creighton (Incoming SESHA President)

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April 20

PDC 3 - Reactive Silane Byproducts - Eugene Ngai (8am-5pm)
PDC 4 - EPA Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting for Electronics Industry - Mike Sherer (8am-12noon)

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