SESHA 2019 Symposium Abstract

Drain and Exhaust Authorization (DEA) as a tool for GHS compliance

Gregory Gabrielson
(ON Semiconductor, South Portland, ME)

Through the use of Drain and Exhaust Authorization (DEA) our facility has found a way to track and identify where chemicals are being used. As such the DEA system (tool) makes for an excellent tool for maintaining GHS compliance. The systems involves key stake holders with in the facility, such as the equipment owners, the process owners, the facilities team (chemical dispensing group) and EHS. No one group has all the answer, by involving the key groups mentioned here we have increased our chance of accuracy with use of the tool. The overall goal of the tool is to account for where our chemical are used, this in turn helps us to keep our SDS system and HAZCOM labels up-to-date. Which keeps our employees informed on the chemical hazards to keep them safe and the facility in compliance.