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Interactive Program

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Daily Grids:

April 29 (Monday)

PDC 1 - Redbook Hazards Analysis Techniques: What-If/Checklist from Guidelines for Hazard Evaluation Procedures, Qualitative Risk Analysis: A Redbook Tool for the IH/OS Tool Box - Kelsey Forde (1-5pm)

PDC 2 - Crash Course on Risk Assessment for Semiconductor Industry: Metals, Organic Agents, Nanoparticles - Andrey Korchevskiy and Daniel Hall (8am-5pm)

PDC 3 - Fundamentals and EHS Challenges of Semiconductor Manufacturing - Aaron Zude (8am-5pm)

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Schedule Grid

April 30 (Tuesday)

Opening Ceremony - Sue Creighton (Outgoing SESHA President)
Keynote Presentation
Doing More with Less: A Framework for Advocating for EHS
Joe Morgan
10:45 NFPA 70E
Working Session: Arc Flash Hazards – Applying NFPA 70E In Semiconductor Cleanrooms
Aaron Zude
10:45 CSR
How the Semiconductor Industry Evolved from Social Responsibility to Social Innovation and How Today’s Management Systems Can Be Used to Support CSR/CSI Programs
Sandy Skees, Scott Hambleton, Melita Elmore
10:45 High Performance EHS
Building a High Performance EHS Organization
Paul Connor
Lunch (Sponsored by SESHA)
13:00 Banding/Nano
Exposure and Risk Assessment Strategies for Managing Nanomaterials
William Cyrs, Brooke Tvermoes, Marisa Kreider
13:00 PFAS
PFAS Roundtable I - PFAS Overview
Mike Carney, Larry Culleen, John Cuthbertson, Marissa Kreider
13:00 GHG
Fate of HBr during F-GHG Abatement
Joe Van Gompel, Jim L\'Heureux, Michael Larsen
13:30 PFAS
PFAS, PFOA and the USEPA: What it All Might Mean for Manufacturers
Rob Young, Mike Carney
13:30 GHG
Reducing CF4-Emissions by smart control of abatement parameters
Andreas Frenzel
13:45 Banding/Nano
Occupational Exposure Banding for Semiconductor Nanomaterials
John Baker, Michele Shepard
14:00 PFAS
The Use of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) in the Semiconductor Industry and Potential Liabilities
John Cuthbertson
14:00 GHG
The Science of Exhaust Management
Madhuri Korampally , Steve Cottle
14:30 Banding/Nano
Assessing Health Risks Associated with Specialty Chemical Handling in the Semiconductor Industry: Employing Occupational Exposure Banding Strategies
Rachel Zisook, Andy Monnot
14:30 PFAS
Comparison of PFAS: Implications for Hazard, Exposure and Risk Assessment
Marisa Kreider
14:30 GHG
Industrial tested Environmental friendly Fluorine mixture cleaning process to replace C3F8,C2F6, CF4 and NF3 as cleaning gas
Michael Pittroff, Robert Wieland
15:30 Gas Abatement, Detection and Recycling
Study of Emergency Leakage from Gas Cabinets using Controlled Flows of Arsine
Richard Knapp
15:30 PFAS Roundtable
PFAS Roundtable II - Semiconductor Industry and Supply Chain Perspective
Laurie Beu,Moderator Robert Bonderer, Bob Leet, Lauren Crane
15:30 Regulatory
Accident reporting, report from Z136 Accident Working Group
Ken Barat, Ken Barat
16:00 Gas Abatement, Detection and Recycling
Solving Common Gas Detection Challenges
Jeyong Jin
16:00 Regulatory
It\\\'s Really OK to Work with Environmental Regulators
Robert Young
16:30 Gas Abatement, Detection and Recycling
Applications Manager
Josh Ratchford
16:30 Regulatory
Preparing for a CFATS Inspection – DHS
Preparing for a CFATS Inspection
Todd White
Welcome Social (Sponsored by SESHA)

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May 1 (Wednesday)

Keynote Presentation
Keynote Presentation: Culture and Process Safety
Manny Ehrlich
10:00 PSM/ RMP
14 Elements of Process Safety Management
Kelsey Forde, Timothy Stirrup
10:00 EHS Collaboration Roundtable
Panel Discussion - Collaborating to Address Semiconductor EHS Concerns
Laurie Beu & Dawn Graunke Moderators, Olivier Corvez David Isaacs, Michael Castorano Stephen Harper
10:00 Technology
Industrial Applications for Drones in Construction and Operations
Thomas* Gilman, Joe Perez, Lauren Blazeck
10:45 PSM/ RMP
Achieving Compliance with the Ever-Changing Risk Management Program Regulations (40 CFR Part 68)
Natalie VanLiew, P.E.
10:45 Technology
Today's High Tech Robotics: Readiness, Risk Assessment, Real World
Mollie Anderson, Jay Zhu
13:00 Operational Excellence Round Table
Operational Excellence Round Table—Driving Continuous Improvement in R&D, Pilot Line and Manufacturing Organizations Using Risk Based Approaches
Andy McIntyre, Steve Trammell
13:00 Chemical Supply Chain Round Table
13:00 Design Safety
Obstructed Sprinkler Piping: A Ticking Time Bomb
Bruce Campbell
13:30 Design Safety
Safety Interlock Design Challenges
Mark Fessler
14:30 Design Safety
High Pressure Water mist - Data Center
Jonathan Ingram
15:30 Chemical Management
Management of Time Sensitive Chemicals
Ron Scholtz
15:30 Energetics Round Table
Panel Discussion – Challenges of the New SEMI S30 Implementation for Energetic Materials
Tara Collins, Rene’ Graves, Eugene Ngai Michael Gordon, John Visty
15:30 Health and Safety
Health, safety and well-being for Semiconductor employees - Why it takes a village
Sally* Pawsat, Georgia* Latham
16:15 Chemical Management
Reliability and innovations of SAGS packages and their benefit over high pressure alternatives
Edward* Jones, Joseph Despres
16:00 Health and Safety
Lone Worker: Man-Up Your “Man Down” Safety Program
Daniel DeCoopman
 16:30 Health and Safety
Short Attention Span EHS Training Works for All Age Groups!
Michael Zimmerman, Michael Zimmerman
Evening Event (Sponsored by Suppliers)

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May 2 (Thursday)

Keynote Presentation
Keynote Speech: Healthcare Technology Roadmap
Karen Thompson
10:00 Silane
Test the responsiveness of fire and gas detection technologies to small silane leak scenarios
Matt Wyman
Testing the Responsiveness of Fire & Gas Technologies to Small Silane Leak Scenarios
Matt Wyman, Glenn Holbrook
10:00 Fellows Roundtable
10:45 Silane
Pyrophoric Silanes
Eugene Ngai, Eugene Ngai
Lunch (On Your Own)
13:00 Energy
Claiming Renewable Energy
Joshua Kang
13:00 Accidents and Incidents Roundtable
13:30 Energy
Communications are key to Harvesting Fab Energy Savings
Adam Stover
Closing Ceremony - Steve Roberge

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May 3

PDC 4 - Reactive Silane Byproducts Phase 2 - Eugene Ngai (8am-5pm)

PDC 5 - Semiconductor Industry Environmental Auditing - Mike Sherer (8am-Noon)

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