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SESHA-PNW Training Event Wrap-Up

Many thanks to those of you who attended the “Spring Training” event and facilities tour at Intel! We had a wonderful time, and hope you did too!

A couple of points for all of the PNW team:

- The SESHA National Conference is in Scottsdale on April! We highly encourage your attendance, if interested! For more info, please see attached presentation.

- We will be soliciting support for roles for the next year after the national conference. Look out for how you can get more involved in the future!

- If you have any suggestion/help wanted from SESHA-PNW, please let us know!

Special thanks to:

BSI, for their sponsorship of the event!

Monica Wright, for her support of the event as a whole & coordination to find speakers.

Rachael Cavanagh, Vanessa Lanas Medina & Ashley Walsh, for their outstanding tour guiding skills!

Speakers Point of Contact:

Scott Swanson: PSM (Process Safety Management) & RMP (Risk Management Plan)

Tim Higgs: New Developments Affecting Fluorinated Materials (Including Refrigerant & GHGs)

YouTube Videos:

From Sand to Silicon:

How Microchips are made (this is the one where I had technical issues):

SESHA Mini-Conference:

Damon Horowitz: “Moral Operating System:

Braden Allenby: Life on a Terraformed Planet [This is the one we partially watched during the event!]

Joy Marsalla

SESHA Pacific Northwest Chapter President

President: Kristina LeVelle,

Vice President: Kiley Ross,

Treasurer (Sponsorship + Listserv): Rachael Cavanagh,

Communications Director (Newsletter): Vanessa Lanas Medina,

Communications Co-Director: Jennifer Politsch,